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Machinal & Manual SPMU

Semi Permanent Make Up is often abbreviated to SPMU which sometimes confuses people as they know what semi-permanent make up is, but aren’t familiar with the acronym that is widely used in the beauty industry.

Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) is also known as micro-pigmentation and it is form of temporary cosmetic makeup that has become extremely popular in recent years!

Waking up with no makeup on, and spending times before fiddling with perfect brows, eyeliner and lips is a problem we can now solve using SPMU.

Machinal SPMU is performed with an electrical device. The Maxelle's SPMU machine is perfect all SPMU techniques and their effects.

Discover the new pendulum technique to create a natural or intens result clients are looking for.


Manual Permanent Make-up is a breakthrough in the world of beauty. Maxelle developed a semi-permanent make-up method, offering various pens with fine needles to manually insert a rich pigment into the skin. The complete range of manual techniques, pens & needles and no less than 30 pigments allow you to create many different beautiful natural effects.


Maxelle offers a wide range of needle pens and very rich pigments to use for several manual make-up techniques such as microblading, skin lifting and sliding.  We have a complete supplementary range of SPMU accessories that will simplify your life as an SPMU artist.

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